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Laser Hair Removal

If you are tired of dealing with unwanted hair, laser hair removal may be the best option. Removing unwanted hair in Amarillo is easy, safe and cost-friendly. Most candidates can expect to lose at least 80% of unwanted hair permanently. Shaving, tweezing and painful waxing can cost thousands of dollars and months of your time. Laser hair removal can also eliminate painful, irritating ingrown hair, as well as razor burn. For optimal results, laser hair removal will require several treatments. Laser hair removal is a great, painless option for those looking to reduce the occurrence of unwanted hair. Save time and money and start enjoying smooth touchable skin.

How Laser Hair Removal Works 

Our state-of-the-art laser works! Lasers are the most effective method for removing unwanted hair and keeping it away. Our laser destroys hair follicles with minimal discomfort.

You will feel a minor pin prickling sensation with each laser pulse. Laser hair removal treatments use highly concentrated energy to target hair follicles and pulses of light are emitted. Each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second, treating several hairs at the same time. Small areas like the chin or upper lip can take just a few minutes, while large areas, such as the legs or back, may take up to an hour.

Around 2-3 weeks after the treatment, you’ll notice hairs that appear to be falling out, they are and that is a great sign of a successful laser hair removal treatment. This is the body pushing away the hair and getting rid of it for good. Break between laser hair removals are usually four to six weeks for the face, eight weeks for the body and 10-12 weeks for back or legs. This is simply based on the cycles of hair growth. Five to eight sessions are needed for the best outcome.

Pain-free laser hair removal

For some, the lasers pulse feels similar to a mosquito bite. The process is slightly uncomfortable for some, but not painful (and totally worth it). Over the course of one to three weeks, the treated hair falls out. The laser hair removal process requires multiple treatments, but results can be seen after the first treatment.

IPL Treatment (Intense Pulsed Light)

Looking to minimize skin imperfections? IPL is a treatment that utilizes light to treat vascular lesions on the face, sun damage, wrinkles, and age spots. IPL Treatments can also reduce the appearance of rosacea.

How IPL Works

IPL treatments are similar to laser treatments, however, lasers focus on one wavelength and IPL releases light of different wavelengths, like a photo flash. Pigment cells in your skin absorb the light energy and convert it to heat. The heat destroys unwanted pigment to clear up spots and even out skin tones.

Most patients need 3 to 5 months of IPL treatments. A full series usually consists of 3 to 5 treatments about one month apart. Results can be seen with each treatment. The more redness or sun damage you have, the more likely you will need a full set (5) of IPL treatments.

Do IPL Treatments Hurt?

Some people experience mild discomfort during IPL treatments. Most patients can tolerate the removal of age spots and dilated blood vessels very easily. IPL treatments take around 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area.

Non-ablative Fractional

The perfect treatment for those looking to minimize the appearance of deep wrinkles, minor scars, brown spots, and stretch marks. Non-ablative fractional treatments create heat in the skin to promote collagen production which causes the skin to tighten, looking young and healthy. This is the perfect treatment for age spots, stretch marks, scars, sun damage, and wrinkles!

How Non-ablative Fractional Lasers Work

Because non-ablative lasers are fractionated, they deliver heat into the skin through tiny, deep columns knows as microthermal treatment zones. This approach allows for quicker healing of the skin than if the entire area was treated. No downtime is expected. Your body naturally heals itself and the treatment promotes collagen remodeling.

The Non-ablative Laser Process

Non-ablative lasers are great for mild to moderate wrinkles, skin laxity and age spots. Treatments can eliminate most acne scarring over a series of 4 to 6 treatments. Non-ablative laser treatments are mildly uncomfortable. Patients experience some mild redness for 30 minutes to 3 days after treatment.

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